Corner Shed

The Corner Shed comes in 5 standard sizes with a 2'6"  wide ledged & braced door and Hasp & Staple lock as standard. It houses 1 fixed window in the 6x6 then 2 fixed windows in sizes 7x7 - 10x10, 12" galvanised door hinges. All timber is fully tanalised as standard.

  • All timber is tanalised treated
  • All fittings are galvanised
  • Stainless steel nails used for cladding (no rust)
  • Each section of the building is screwed together, not nailed

Please note: Customer must have a firm, level base with walk in access. Please see base preparation for more information.

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All sizes are actual finished sizes.

  • Framing - Tanalised 45x34mm rounded edges
  • Roof - Tanalised 12mm tongue and groove
  • Floor - Tanalised 12mm tongue and groove or tanalised 19mm tongue and groove
  • Door - Tanalised 12mm tongue and groove or tanalised 19mm tongue and groove
  • Walls - Tanalised 12mm overlap shiplap or tanalised 19mm loglap

Tanalised Corner Shed Dimensions

Optional extras

  • Erection service 
  • Upgrade roof to  EPDM or steel (see roofing)


All sizes are actual finished sizes.
Prices include VAT.

Size 12mm Shiplap Cladding 19mm Loglap Cladding Optional framed base with steel legs Fitting
6 x 6 £802 £1024 £260 £128
7 x 7 £1034 £1282 £326 £162
8 x 8 £1072 £1136 £328




Need a custom size? We can build to your specification. Contact us for a bespoke quote.

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