Security Shed

Security Shed

The security shed is available in either a pent or apex roof and is ideal for storing valuable items. The door comes with a heavy duty Gatemate Long Throw Gate Lock (see photographs) with 5 keys. Anti-reverse screws are fitted to the top and bottom door hinges to prevent anyone from removing the door. The small security windows allow light to come in but they are positioned in such a way that people can't see into the shed and they can't pass items through.

This security shed is constructed using tanalised 45mm x 34mm framework with rounded edges. It is available in two choices of tanalised cladding. Our standard tanalised cladding is 12mm shiplap and our heavy duty cladding is 19mm loglap. With the heavy duty cladding we upgrade the floor to 19mm matchboard as well.

  • All timber is tanalised treated
  • Green mineral roofing felt
  • All fittings are galvanised
  • Stainless steel nails used for cladding (no rust)
  • Each section of the building is screwed together, not nailed

Please note: Customer must have a firm, level base with walk in access. Please see base preparation for more information.

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All sizes are actual finished sizes.

  • Eaves height - 1700mm
  • Ridge height - Varies from 2020mm up to 2450mm depending on size of shed
  • Framing - Tanalised 45x34mm rounded edges
  • Roof - Tanalised 12mm tongue and groove
  • Floor - Tanalised 12mm tongue and groove or tanalised 19mm tongue and groove
  • Door - Tanalised 12mm tongue and groove or tanalised 19mm tongue and groove
  • Walls - Tanalised 12mm overlap shiplap or tanalised 19mm overlap shiplap

Optional extras

  • Double doors from £75
  • Toughened glass (poa)
  • Upgrade roof to felt shingles,  EPDM or steel (see roofing)
  • Timber bearers for under floor
  • Erection service 


All sizes are actual finished sizes.
Prices include VAT.

Size 12mm Shiplap Cladding 19mm Loglap Cladding Fitting
6 x 4 £584 £793 £70
7 x 5 £720 £978  £86
8 x 6 £846 £1149 £102
10 x 6 £984 £1337 £118
10 x 8 £1158 £1573 £139
12 x 8 £1304 £1771 £156
14 x 8 £1448 £1967 £174
16 x 8 £1586 £2155 £190

We can offer this building with either a Apex or Pent style roof

This building comes is sizes ranging from 6x4 - 16x8


Need a custom size? We can build to your specification. Contact us for a bespoke quote. 


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