Roofing options

Box Profile

Box profile has an effective cover width of 1 metre with a profile depth of 32mm. It has a capillary groove down one edge to eliminate the need for using sealing strips.

Available in: Galvanised, Polyester Slate Blue or Polyester Juniper Green.

Box profile roofing sheets box profile roofing sheet example

Tile effect sheets

Tile effect sheets have an effective cover width of 1 metre and tile pressings are spaced at 300mm. These sheets must be fitted from left to right. They are available in plastic coated.

Available in: Plastisol Slate Blue, Plastisol Juniper Green or Plastisol Terracotta

tile-effect-roofing  Tile effect roofing in terracotta



Felt shingles

An alternative to standard felt. This roofing is longer lasting and is available in green or red.

Green felt roofing tiles Felt roofing tiles