Base Preparation

It is important to provide a firm level and square base for your new garden building. Without a proper base your building will be unstable and may deteriorate rapidly. It is important to have the correct base in place when we deliver your new garden building, else you may incur extra charges (see our terms and conditions page for more information).

Your base preparation does not need to be overly elaborate. If you are having your garden building erected onto a pre-existing paved or concrete surface, providing it is level and clean of debris, this will be adequate. For all other surfaces we recommend using one of the 2 simple methods suggested below.

Please ensure that your base, be it a pre-existing concrete base or a specially constructed base, is a least 16 inches clear of fences, buildings or any other obstruction.

Concrete base

Concrete shed base - Step 1 Concrete shed base - Step 2


Timber base

Timber shed base - Step 1 Timber shed base - Step 2