Premium Apex 8x6, Single Door - A, Windowed, 19mm Loglap, Barrettine in Summer Tan with EPDM Rubber
Apex Shed 10 x 8, Double Doors, Position A, No Windows, 19mm Loglap, Tanalised Only, 40KG Anti-tear Mineral Felt
Apex Shed, 12 x 6, Double Doors, Position B, Windowed, 19mm Loglap Cladding, Tanalised Only, 40kg Anti-tear Mineral Felt
Apex Shed, 6 x 4, Single Door, Position B, Windowed, 12mm Shiplap Cladding, Barrettine in Golden Brown, EPDM Rubber

Pent Posh Potting Shed

£1,342£5,353 inc. VAT

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