Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

You agree to our terms and conditions when you purchase your new building from Viking Garden Buildings. It is advisable to read our terms and conditions carefully before placing your order so that you can query any issues with us before your delivery date. Our Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Your Order:

All prices provided include VAT unless otherwise stated.

Price changes are possible due to the current economic climate and fluctuating material costs. As a business, we monitor material prices very carefully; sometimes, it is impossible to avoid increasing the price we offer to our customers.

If we need to change the price of your building, we will only do so after informing you first. If we need to increase your cost, this will always be before we start any manufacturing processes. If you are unhappy, you can cancel and have any deposit refunded to you.

At Viking, we are proud to offer customers a customisable option at an affordable price; this means that each building is built to order.

Each building we make is individual to the customer’s requirements, so we ask that payment is made in full at least 14 days before your delivery and installation date. We only manufacture buildings if we receive payment for them in full; this helps us manage cancelled orders more efficiently and keeps our prices low for all customers.

Once you have placed your order and we have received your deposit/ payment, we will email you a full confirmation. This email will contain the requested measurements, specifications and the total cost of your building. It is your responsibility to check the details are correct and as requested. Please provide a drawing if you have asked for a fully bespoke building. The picture should show the building from above and state the position of windows and doors. It is also worth noting that you must provide exact measurements if your windows and doors need to be precisely placed. If you don’t provide these, we will put the doors and windows where we deem best, based on your drawing.

We aim to provide a suitable delivery date to all customers within a week of receiving your order.

Delivery dates are typically adhered to except in extenuating circumstances. If, for any reason, we cannot make our delivery as scheduled, you will be advised at the earliest possible point (this could be the delivery date) and provided with an alternative delivery date.

Please note we do not offer a specific time or time slot for your delivery. The Installation Team will generally try to call all customers one hour before arrival, but sometimes this is not always possible. Due to our work’s nature, providing a timed slot is difficult.

Delivered-only orders will be delivered by a one-person team, and somebody must be on hand on the delivery date to help them unload. Our one-person team will only unload to the nearest access point on your property; they cannot help you carry your shed into the garden or to the installation point.

Delivered-only orders will be delivered in large panels that can be up to 9ft in width, these can be very heavy.


You can make payment in full when placing the order, or you can pay a 50% deposit. The outstanding balance will be due 14 days before your delivery is due.

You can pay for your building by BACS, PayPal, Cash or by Credit or Debit card.

Refund and Returns Policy

All of our Garden Buildings are bespoke and made to order. Therefore, we do not accept returns or offer refunds on our buildings. If any parts are lost or damaged, we will repair or replace damaged parts with new ones free of charge.

Base Preparation

You must provide a flat, level pre-existing base in order for us to install your building. If we arrive at your property on the delivery date and the provided base is unsuitable, the building will be deemed a deliver only product and left for you to install, with no refund for any installation charge.

If your base or access is not suitable for our fitters on the installation date and you require a re-visit at a later date once you base/access has been rectified, you can arrange a re-visit with our Sales Team. Revisit fees are charged at 20%.

We are not able to wait on site for you to rectify the base. It is your responsibility to correct the base and we can return to install the building on our next available date. There will be an added installation and delivery charge for this service. Please contact the Office is you wish to re-book your delivery. 
Your base must have a minimum of 16” (400mm) clearance around it to allow for the roof overhang, air flow, maintenance and installation of your building. Without a proper base your building will be unstable and may deteriorate rapidly. If you are unsure about your base or need any advice, please get in touch.


At least 14 days notice is required if you wish to cancel or postpone your order. If the 14 days is not met your deposit will be non refundable if you wish to cancel. If you place your order within the 14 days you will automatically fall within this period and charged after agreeing the date.

If you change from fitting to delivery only or collection within the 14 day period, your fitting charge would not be refunded to you.


Installation will be carried out at time of delivery only. Clear and safe access is required, with erection point no more the 50 yards from the delivery vehicle. We always deliver with a 3.5 ton flatbed and the customer must consider whether access to the property is sufficient. Due to health and safety, under no circumstances can we lift over walls, fencing or garages. If the only access is through your home, a clear straight run is required. Some panels will not go through a standard doorway, if you think there may be a problem please advise us when placing the order. We can make our buildings to accommodate small access for an additional charge.

Please also consider and height restrictions below 8ft such as doorways, archways or overhead cables as well as any tight corners.

No Sheer drops within 5 feet of the installation area. A sheer drop is considered more than 12” in height difference from the shed base.

Ensure there are no shrubs, trees, cables etc overhanging or encroaching in the work area.

It is not our responsibility to remove these items and in the event of shrubs, trees, cables etc overhanging or encroaching in the work area/installation area of the buildings , the building will be deemed deliver-only. In the event of unsuitable access the building will be left for the customer to install with no refund of of the installation charge. Once the working area has been made suitable, we can return to install the building on our next available date. There will be an added fitting and delivery charge for this service.

Please note we work in all weather conditions apart from heavy snow and ice. Wet weather often provides muddy conditions to work in. If you are concerned about this and any damage it may cause to your lawn or building it is your responsibility to provide a suitable clean and clear walkway.

The customer will need to confirm the location of the building as we will not be able to reposition it once installation has begun.

Once the building has been installed, the customer or representative must inspect the building with our fitters. Any issues with the building, please make the fitters aware and note the delivery note prior to signing. If no notes are made then we will assume that you are happy with the building and it has been built to a satisfactory standard.

If no customer or representative is present at time of completion, then it will be deemed finished and completed to satisfactory standard. The fitters will take pictures of the building upon completion.

If any parts are missing or damaged we will repair or replace with new for free. This is providing we have been have been notified upon delivery. In the instance that your building has been delivered only, the customer must inspect each panel for faults and check all fixtures and fittings are present whilst the driver is present.

In the event that the customer wishes to collect or use a courier, it is the responsibility of the customer/courier to check they have the complete building together with all fixtures and fittings. They must also inspect each panel for faults prior to leaving. We accept no responsibility for any items damages in transit or reported damage after they have left our premises.

We will not take any responsibility for any accidental damage to your property caused during delivery/fitting process.

Our products and maintenance

Most of our buildings are designed so that planning permission is not required. Planning permission is the customer’s responsibility, and viking Garden Buildings will accept no liability for failed planning permission.

Our buildings are supplied as garden rooms where permissions/regulations are not required. You can use your building for different circumstances. If this is the case, we advise you to contact your local council to discuss this with them.

Wood is a natural product and as such, may have inherent defects such as knots, splits and resin pockets. These are simply aesthetic and will not affect the structure in any way. Wood filler may be used if these items are noted prior to delivery.

We would like to remind customers that timber is an organic product which is subject to naturally occurring changes that result from different environmental conditions ie. changes in colour, surface, splits and shrinkage. We cannot accept responsibility for these natural changes.

Specifications are correct at time of order but are subject to alterations or withdrawal at any time without notice. We are constantly improving our designs, quality and service and reserve the right to amend, alter or change at our discretion when such changes are deemed necessary. This does not affect your order or cost.

We may use photographs of your completed building for marketing purposes. Please let us know in writing if you do not agree to this.


Felt roofing is standard with most of our buildings; in time felt will deteriorate and need replacing. Felt has a 6 month warranty.

We offer roofing upgrades with most of our buildings which come with an extended warranty. EPDM rubber and plastisol coated steel all come with a 20 year warranty. This warranty would be void in the event of a storm.

We also offer felt shingles as a roofing option and although aesthetically pleasing, adverse weather conditions can cause tiles to loosen or come out of place. In this instance this is not covered by any installation or product guarantee if weather is deemed to be the cause.

Caring for your building

We recommend that you put a quality preservative treatment on your building to fully weatherproof it.

To help maintain airflow around your building, avoid stacking or leaning items against it and don’t allow a build up of soil or leaves around the floor area.

Depending on the base you use, there can be water splashing or pooling under your building. This in turn can soak into the floor giving the impression that your shed is leaking. Please speak to us prior to ordering your shed to discuss the base.

All buildings should be aired out regularly to prevent any condensation of mould accumulating inside. If mould appears we will not be held liable.


Your building is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of delivery against any defects in material or workmanship. Dead knot policy of no larger than 10mm. If a dead knot is to come loose or fall out during transportation. It will be filled with silicon or wood filler.

Your building is covered for 15 years against fungal rot and insect infestation.

We do not cover faults caused by the work carried out by another company/individual or the normal movement of natural wood.

This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act